FREE! Sample Chapter and Video Teaching Session from Becky’s Bible Study: Joyfully Ever After!

Did you know that your relationship with Jesus is the most important thing in your life? Recognizing the significance of our faith can be difficult because it is rarely celebrated. We look toward other life events—like prom, graduation, or a wedding—to affirm who we are.

However, the Bible says you don’t have to wait to begin your “ever after.” In Christ, it has already started! When you place your faith in Jesus, God declares you a royal member of His family. Your Joyfully Ever After can start now, with Jesus.

I am passionate about this exciting message of hope and freedom for women who want a solid foundation for their identities. That is why I am publishing my first Bible study: Joyfully Ever After: Your Identity, God’s Delight.

Check out a sample chapter here –> Joyfully Ever After Sample Chapter.

And view Teaching Session 1: A Woman of Decision as you follow along with the Session Notes, included in the sample chapter above.

(Password: Joyfully4Jesus)

This video and book-based journey for young women is a fantastic resource for small groups, Sunday school curriculum, or Mother-Daughter/Mentor-Mentee relationships.

The target audience for Joyfully Ever After is ages 13-22, however, women of all ages have found this Bible Study helpful in forming their identities as new believers in Christ.

If you would like to pre-order your copy of the book and video series, head to the Joyfully Ever After Campaign on Kickstarter.

Here is your WIN-WIN!!! –> The Kickstarter price for a physical copy of the book and all 8 teaching session is just $25 (not including shipping). Once this project is officially published in September 2018 (tentative), the projected cost on Amazon for the book will be $15, and each video session $3 for a total of $39 (not including shipping).

You win when you pre-order the book for a low price, and I win when you support my campaign to get my book professionally edited, formatted, and outfitted with a polished cover. Thanks for checking it out!


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