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Hello, Brave New Season

This week, I filled the final page of a journal I started in January 2014. As I cracked open the crisp white front page of a new journal, my heart beckoned me to begin again. An unwritten journal is like a fresh start. A new season full of blank-page potential. I shiver with anticipation thinking, “how will God move in my life to fill these pages?”

My last journal documented my pregnancy, my fears and prayers regarding motherhood, and cries for help during the twin’s birth and first few months. Song lyrics, Bible verses and amateur doodles reflect each moment of that special season of change.

Before I put my pen to the fresh page, I asked God about the kind of season God has planned for me this time. The word INTENTIONALITY, was unmistakably the label He gave for this season.

Recently, I’ve been reading a lot about being brave (thanks to Hello Darling Magazine). I am challenged by the concept, and I hope I am living each day with more bravery to be who God created me to be.



As I prayed, I realized that courage is 2 parts faith and 1 part intentionality. I must have faith that the Holy Spirit will continue to work in me, to keep refining the woman of His design. However, I also must have intentionality; to pursue the hard things, scary things, and things that require extra energy. With faith and intentional-living, I will become more like the “me” I am destined to be. And in doing so, I will look less like “me” and more like Christ. All the selfish, prideful, lazy, and boring parts that frustrate me about myself will fade as God keeps transforming me to be holy, as He is holy.

So here’s to a brave new season!

It’s a season of intentionality…

  • to welcome the Holy Spirit into each day with praise
  • to eat fresh foods
  • to do less Facebook and more phone calls
  • to make eye contact
  • to invite order into my home, schedule, and budget
  • to try difficult things like tandem nursing the twins
  • to greet each morning with joy instead of dread
  • to be teachable
  • to cherish the oft overlooked, like reading the book of Leviticus, brushing my hair, or making time to snuggle my golden-doodle.
  • to brave the cold weather and seek out community
  • to hold my tongue
  • to say “no” with confidence and keep my calendar open for rest
  • to pursue more publishing options for my book (oh, so much courage needed here.)
  • to preserve family memories through monthly picture-sorting/book making
  • to pray with purpose and for things that matter, like Salvation for the lost, adoption, relational redemption, freedom from slavery to sin and slavery of mankind, and for holiness to saturate my own life and the church body
  • to live confidently in the body I have, enjoy it, and challenge it

Ink bleeds onto blank page, and so the season begins.

Dear friend, how does intentionality weave it’s way through your life? I’d love to sit down over a cup of actual coffee and hear about it. Since that might not be an option, feel free to share with me by commenting below.

And so, through pixellated words and the ambiance of screen light, would you make a toast with me? Raise your cup of coffee (or tea, or Jamba juice smoothie, or post-workout water bottle), and with a sign of anticipation, proclaim:

Here’s to a Brave New Season.


The Phil4-8 Initiative

There is so much going wrong with the world. Scroll through Facebook. Watch the news. Talk to a friend. If the world isn’t caving in all around us, it is caving in inside us!

I had a very difficult time staying positive last week. For silly reasons, I let bitterness get the best of me in every area of my life: ministry, weather, my body, traffic, family, even my quiet time with God (also known as my Breakfast with Jesus).

Now it is Monday, of a brand new week. I can’t let bitterness and ungratefulness cloud my mind again. I know my Sustainer* has a greater plan for my mind. When it comes to negativity, my mom has always said, “don’t let it rent space in your head.”

Now, I cannot put a big neon “No VACANCY” sign on my forehead. But I can welcome the right guests into my brain.

Luckily, God didn’t leave me without a playbook in this area. So I will put to practice the Phil4-8 Initiative: to focus on whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, and anything of excellence or worthy of praise. My mission: dwell on these things. (Philippians 4, verse 8).


Anybody else struggling to find a silver lining? Make yourself a “Phil4-8” list (pronounced: “fill”-four-eight)

Here is mine for today:

Becky’s Phil4-8; April 22, 2013

  • True: I have been giving the resume of Jesus Christ.
  • Honorable: our amazing set of students who helped clean up after last night’s dinner.
  • Just/right: God’s perfect holiness and intimacy displayed at creation (I am currently reading a Bible study titled, Creation Unraveled.)
  • Pure: the affection and trust a baby has for her mama, even while sitting in a shopping cart. I was blessed to catch this scene in passing while at the grocery store.
  • Lovely: The sparkly snow (it may be April, but it’s still pretty)
  • Commendable: the exceptional attitude of the checker at Walmart. Good job!
  • Excellent: A young friend of mine longing to be faithful for her future husband.
  • Praise-worthy: My husband willingness to go the extra-mile at work.

Need more ideas? Read this post I wrote last year, about my trip to South Africa and how God taught me to see the positive in a very discouraging situation. That’s where the Phil4-8 initiative all started for me.

Please know, I am praying for you. I hope to hear how God is working in your MIND today. Comment below or share a link to your own blog.

In His praise-worthy grace,


*I am trying to use relevant and intimate words for God, specific to the characteristic He is revealing of Himself. Today, I am reminded that HE is my Sustainer.

Overcoming fear and “Going on an Adventure”

I am feeling a tad apprehensive about this journey of becoming a writer. For the last few months I’ve been feeling a bit intimidated to say the least. I finished writing a book, but now I have to edit it…. And I should probably let other people review it also.

Also, God brought an amazing connection to a college ministry magazine… all I have to do is send in a few articles and see where God takes it.

I could start writing published material. Or I could be royally rejected and have to try again. Both possibilities intimidate the dickens out of me.

I’ve spent the day cleaning and writing silly little blog posts like this one to help get over my fear and anxiety, and the consequential writer’s block. In the quiet and mundane, the Holy Spirit encourages me:

“You have nothing to prove, and nothing to lose. You are found in Me, secure in My approval of you, and equipped by all my power to take this leap of faith. My lovingkindness is new every morning, as will be the horizon when you face rejection. Trust me and move forward. Be strong, and let your heart take courage, …you who wait for the Lord!

So what if I taste defeat? I’ll brush my teeth and jump back into the day (thanks to Reliant K for these lyrics).

Every time  pray about this, God brings the picture from “The Hobbit” of Bilbo becoming completely undignified for the journey ahead.


So there you have it, friends…. “I’m going on an adventure!!!”

How about you? What journey is God leading you on? Have any tips on overcoming your fears and taking that leap of faith? Share by commenting below!

The Freckles have Arrived!!!

This weekend, I took a swift escape with my gorgeous husband and some close friends. Lucky for us, the sun decided to join us all weekend!


The hot mineral springs of Thermopolis, WY did wonders for the last few months of crazy running about. Relaxed and refreshed, I woke up this morning to see my freckles have finally caught up with me.

If we are comparing tans, mine would win…. in spots 🙂

But as I’ve mentioned before, I love my freckles! (I am still hunting for a reason to adore my dimples, but that’s a different story). The only time I despised them was after a horrifying tanning-bed experience which magically concentrated my freckles on my upper lip area…. I came out with an epic freckle-stache right before my wedding! (note: tanning beds are evil!)

Still, my speckled skin is a constant reminder how the little things can make a big difference. I’m a girl who is always trying to make a big splash in life, be interesting, and impact the lives around me for the better. God uniquely reminds me to chill out, scale back, and be faithful in the little things.

My prayer is that the Apostle John could write these same things about me:

I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth. Beloved, you are acting faithfully in whatever you accomplish for the brethren, and especially when they are strangers; and they have testified to your love before the church. You will do well to send them on their way in a manner worthy of God.” 3 John 1:4-6

Like freckles, small acts of faithfulness can add up over time.