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How to Hide Pages from your Facebook Newsfeed

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Today’s post is a special application to the 5 Week Refocus Challenge. In the last post, we tackled the idea of taking inventory of our life-givers and time-wasters. One thing I found to be poorly serving me is Facebook. I often defend my devotion to Facebook, claiming its sufficiency as a tool for social connection. However, I’ve noticed it is now a big bulletin board for things people find interesting (I already have an app for that called Pinterest).

If I see another FB article using cheap attention-getting tactics like “This man opened a door, you’ll never guess what happened next!”, I think I will pack up my family and move to a remote cabin on a mountain somewhere, then I’ll make a blog post about it titled “She moved her family to the mountains, and you’ll never guess where”, and when you open the blog post, it will say, “never, ever. The End.”

Seriously, it’s getting obnoxious. I realize as a blogger, I want people to share my blog posts. But I am completely ok if friends and family want to just know about my life, not my interests. So, as a courtesy, I pledge to only post about personal life happenings on my personal profile. No more interests (see my pinterest profile for that). No more blog posts (follow my blog-page for that).

I realize that every human being is not interested in compartmentalizing Facebook as I am. There will always be another Buzzfeed article or Bestvine to clutter my connection with actual humans. Therefore, in order to use Facebook for its purpose (at least in my opinion) to build relationships, I found a way to hide everything else.

hide fb page

I make a habit to do this simple clean-up exercises every time I scroll through Facebook. It doesn’t take much time, and it is somewhat cathartic. If I am really interested in a page or article, I will find it on the internet or pinterest. Facebook actually has an algorithm that shapes my feed, often favoring pages, and ads over friends’ posts; its all based on my clicks, so I don’t even click on those any more! Since “hiding” them, I haven’t seen anything from buzzfeed or vines anymore, however there is always another page promoting something.

It takes diligence to clear up the feed, but it’s worth it. Now, I can scroll through and focus on relationships.

However, even focusing on relationships can fail to serve its purpose. My husband preached a message in our youth ministry a few months ago about God’s omniscience (that God knows all things, about everything, at all times). Shane said we often “play god” through social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Newspaper apps, etc.), pursuing the need to be omniscient about everyone. Convicted, I resolved to use social media apps as tools for connection, not a means of control and presumed-omniscience.

In order to ensure that social media serves it’s purpose, Shane and I decided to build boundaries on when we utilize screen time. The main parameter we set up was no screen time in bed. I do not use it to “wake up” in the morning, nor to “wind down” before sleep at night. (Who am I kidding anyway, it never works that way.)

By purging Facebook of distractions, and by limiting screen time, I believe I have recaptured the beauty of media as a tool for appropriate connection.

Week 4 Challenge:

  •  Monday: Take inventory of your life givers. Schedule sometime this weekend to enjoy one hour of a specific life-giving activity.
  •  Tuesday: Make a list of your time-wasters. Pick one to address this week (mine is FACEBOOK!).
  •  Wednesday: Clean up your social media tools to optimize your use of them (networking, family keep up, etc.)
  • Thursday-Saturday: Spend some time enjoy your favorite life-giver with a friend, your family, or just by yourself (is that a novel idea for you?).

Check in:

How has the 5 Week Refocus Challenge helped you reclaim your social media space?

Share your progress by adding this post to your personal Facebook or twitter feed: 

“I’m reinforcing life-givers by cleaning up my Facebook feed! #reinforcinglifegivers #5weekrefocuschallenge @campfiregrace.com”

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Morning Habit #1: Avoid too much Social Media

Social media

Welcome to 10 Habits for a Purely Fantastic Morning Routine. These habits are in no particular order whatsoever. That being said, I will focus on this habit first for several reasons.

1. It is the first thing I do in the morning.

Somewhere along this life journey, I decided browsing Facebook and Pinterest would be the best way to help me wake up. I actually end up lounging in bed an extra hour. Catching up on pins and posts and completely useless knowledge from “Buzzfeed.” It takes away the golden minutes of my morning.

2. Nothing worth reading about typically shows up in the morning feed.

Facebook is full of posts about weird dreams, dramatic night fights, and how upset everyone feels about getting out of bed. Pinterest users have spent their insomnia hours pinning ambiguous quotes about relationships and late night food craving recipes without legitimate links. Nope, nothing good to see here people. Wait till 4pm. That’s the best time to scroll.

And for that matter, I really don’t think anyone really wants to hear about 1.6 mile run in the morning. Or see my fabulous pin about arranging picture frames. No, I think I will wait till I’ve done something more significant with my day before I post for my 15 seconds of attention.

BONUS!  I still come up with a really great Facebook status every morning. You know, the one you can’t get out of your head. But instead of posting it online, I text it to one of my sisters, or write it in a letter. Now I am reaching out and connecting on a personal level, which is great! Bam: building  real social skills before 9am.

3. My immediate pursuit of social media is idolatry.

For instance, if I replace God with social media, each of these verses accurately describe my habit:

Psalm 5:3
Lord Pinterest, in the morning you hear my voice; in the morning I prepare a sacrifice for you and watch scroll.
Psalm 90:14
Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love Facebook status updates, that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.
Mark 1:35
And rising very early in the morning, while it was still dark, [s]he departed and went out to a desolate place, and there [s]he prayed repinned 15 outfit ideas and 9 recipes.
I do not want to replace time with my Lord and Savior with the worship of people and things. I greatly value how Facebook helps to connect with students, friends, and co-laborers in God’s Kingdom across the planet. But it does not exist to ease my waking in the morning. Or to curb my boredom. I value my Facebook FRIENDS more than that.
Pinterest is the same. I really appreciate how many helpful hints and creative ideas I’ve received (and used!) from this site. Pinterest has also been an effective agent to spread the word of God’s work in my life through this blog. I am still in shock how many people repin from the “Bible Study Tips” series everyday. I hope it is helpful.
But I feel like Jesus has become just another pin among many gods. The things we put our attention to, spend time with, talk about… that is what we worship. The Bible is reduced to something I scroll through on my Youversion app after all other apps have been exhausted.

But no more!

I will not give my precious morning hour(s) to social media. Or TV, Netflix or Youtube, for that matter. I will seek Jesus first, while He may be found. I will give Him the honor and attention He deserves.
Today is my first day. And it was difficult. I was annoyed at how many times I reached for my phone out of habit. Well a new habit is forming now, and it is clearing up my AM schedule for greater things!

Check In:

Do you struggle with any specific distractions in the morning? What do you wish you were doing with that time?

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