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Leviticus 1: Burnt Offering of Worship

 A Study in Leviticus: Chapter 1

I woke up late today, but as I mentioned earlier, I am determined to study Leviticus. I am confident there is truth in this book that will lead me to a greater understanding of God and therefore, more abundant worship of him.

So I sat my babies down with toys and rattles and a large mirror. My plan to have “Breakfast with Jesus” failed when I downed my egg sandwich faster than I could open my Bible and find Leviticus chapter 1. However, I found the chapter and began reading aloud.

With my handy questions written in my journal, I filled in the blanks as follows:

  • What does this say about God?
    • His interaction with Moses in Verse 1 shows me God is personal and intimate, not aloof and uninvolved. He is in pursuit of a direct relationship with man.
    • He is also direct and detailed in His expectations (whole chapter). I know my husband appreciates it when I am direct and detailed in what I would like for a Christmas gift. (The Bible he gave me wasn’t a spontaneous idea of his 🙂 )Similarly, we can be grateful that God gives us specifics in how to worship Him.
  • How can I live in light of this?
    • The specific details about the burnt offerings remind me that God is worthy of my best. I don’t want to give God secondhand worship. I don’t want to be distracted in my praise of him.
    • When I offer God my heart, time, money, talents, etc… I should be giving him the best I have, as He required the Israelites to do so in Leviticus.
    • Today, I will do that by serving my family as if I was serving Christ, eagerly and cheerfully, humbly and honorably.
  • Does anything else stand out/do I have questions?
    • What is the difference between a burnt offering and a sin offering (which we will read about in chapter 4)?

How did your study time go? Did you pull out some resources or handbooks and go deeper than I did today? What did God teach you? Join the conversation below!


Leviticus: The Outline

A Study in Leviticus: Outline and Overview

Here the whooshing sound? That is the air flying past your ears as you jump, cannonball-style into the unknown territory of Leviticus.

Thanks for joining me, for challenging me, to study Leviticus.

There is encouraging, relevant and applicable truth in this book. And I am determined to discipline myself to discover it. Here’s how I’m getting ready:


  • Study Bible: I am using my new Study Bible for Women, HCSB that Shane got me for Christmas. I appreciate that someone way smarter than me has done the homework and research about Leviticus, and included notes, definitions, timelines, and overviews to help me understand the book better. If your Bible does not include study notes, I suggest having your research tools handy for tough questions.
  • Research Tools: If you would like to dig deeper, I highly recommend grabbing one or both of these helpful study books. Personally, I might consult these books once or twice in my study, but not necessarily every day.
    • The Bible Knowledge Commentary
    • Zondervan Handbook to the Bible
  • Journal: I plan to address 3 simple thoughts on each chapter.
    • What does this say about God?
    • How can I live in light of this chapter?
    • Did anything else stand out/ do I have any questions?
  • 20 minutes of time: I take this time in the morning while I eat breakfast, while my 5-month-old twins are at their happiest. They play on the floor as I read the chapter for the day out loud to them.
  • Prayer: I know I need help. This book contains a lot of ancient concepts with monumental significance. “Lord, please open my mind to understand you more clearly, and prepare my heart to follow you more closely through my time studying this book.”

I plan to read one chapter a day. I realize that it is crucial to also take a holistic approach when reading a book like Leviticus. The books of the Bible weren’t segmented into chapters when first written. I’d like to read through the whole book in one sitting, but for now, I don’t have the time or mental focus to do so. Thankfully, I have a few resources to help me grasp the overall content of Leviticus.*:


The Study Bible for Women gives the following overview:

3 Major Themes: Holiness, Sacrifice, and Atonement


  1. Love the Lord your God with all your heart (1:1-16:34)
  2. Love your neighbor as yourself (17:1-34)

The Bible Knowledge Commentary splits into these 2 sections: 

  1. The Way of Approach to God by Sacrifice (Chapters 1-16)
  2. The Walk of Holiness before God by Separation (Chapters 17-27)

Having different perspectives can be helpful in our study of Leviticus.

 Theme Verse:

You are to be holy to Me because I, Yahweh, am holy.” Leviticus 20:26a

Already, I am getting the chills. I began reading a book for pastors wives about understanding my current role in life. Ultimately, I kept returning to the fact that God calls me to “be Holy as I [God] am holy.” Wow, Leviticus is incredibly relevant to this stage in my journey right now!

I’ll begin blogging tomorrow about my study through Leviticus, chapter 1. It takes a certain amount of spiritual maturity to walk through the books most Christians avoid. I’ve got my big girl shoes on and am ready for the journey. Will you join me?

What resources have you found most helpful as you start to study this Old Testament book?

Feeling less than motivated to join in the study of Leviticus?

Maybe you have just need a few tips. Visit my Pinterest page “Bible Study Tips” for helpful hints and resources for almost every type of non-studier. Or click on the link below:

Bible Study Tips Series

All about the Bride

Spring is here and wedding season is upon us!

How exciting for the moms and dads who finally get to see their daughters off…

What a dream for all the friends who get to witness and support the love and commitment between the bride and groom….

How blessed the pastors who happen to be the last detail on the bride’s to-do list, right after “call florist,” and “purchase dog-friendly ring-bearer materials for Fido.”

Ok, lets face reality……you are probably reading this because you, your very self, are a bride!!!

all about brideWhile weddings can be fun for everyone else involved, the big day is really all about you.

After all…

  • You’ve concentrated 10+ years dreaming about it,
  • YOU have been officially planning on Pinterest for at least a year or more,
  • It’s your dress, your pictures, YOUR fairy tale come to life!


Maybe….. or maybe each wedding magazine, all the Bridal Blogs, and every “going to the chapel”-related episode on TLC have missed the point.

Maybe it’s not all about the bride.

Before you get angry and punch your computer screen, remember you’ll need it later to check “The Knot” for your wedding check-list…. also, save the steam coming out of your ears to press your gown for the big day (it’ll save you some cash for the honeymoon).

If you are still here, allow me to comfort you in saying that your wedding is mostly about you, just not completely.

If you are a Christian, then you have become a child of God. As a daughter of the King of kings, you are His beautiful princess. On so many levels, you should be celebrated!!! Also, this event which unites two people in covenant should be commemorated and recognized in a way that says “this matters!!!”

Unfortunately, many weddings are planned in a way that ignores the One who makes it all matter. So many brides fail to fill out an invitation for the King of kings.

Even if God is invited to a wedding, does He take center stage? Does His goodness receive as much honor as the wedding cake?

I’m not suggesting you hang a big poster of John 3:16 above the alter; I’m just asking where God’s place is in your wedding. Have you have intentionally included the Savior Who intentionally included you in His wedding ceremony?

(see Ephesians 5; more on this later.)

As you begin to plan your wedding, make a point to put this command at the top of your goals list:

“So whether you eat or drink (or have an indoor or outdoor wedding), or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.1 Corinthians 10:31


With all the overwhelming wedding planning information out there, can the daughters of God change the Top Wedding Trends list of 2014 to include “Glorify God”?

But HOW does a bride do this? Here are some helpful questions to get you started:

  • When you look at your wedding plans, who or what is center stage?
  • How can you honor God privately (in your personal walk with Him) in this time of planning your wedding and marriage?
  • How can you honor God publicly in this time of planning? How about at the wedding ceremony?

Join the conversation here as we unfold what a Planning a Christ-Centered Wedding looks like. (scroll through the “Marriage” tab to “Going to the Chapel.”

14 Days of Loving Jesus: Ideas

IMG_1394February is fast approaching. The stores are already crammed with pink, red, hearts, candy, and stuffed animals advertised marketed towards adults. By March we will see those stuffed animals at the local second-hand store. If you haven’t caught on to my annoyance of this holiday, here it is: I’m annoyed by it.

BUT! Because I can’t escape the constant bombardment to celebrate the holiday, I have decided to use all the red and pink paraphernalia as a reminder to celebrate love in a meaningful way: by showing love to Jesus.

These are 14 ideas on how to show love to Jesus during the Valentine’s season. Each suggestion corresponds to a “Love Language,” or avenue to express love. Only, these expressions are ways to love Jesus, our loving Savior, because He first loved us. Read 14 Days of Loving Jesus: the Project to get the why and “how to” on celebrating the season with Jesus in mind.

  1. Love_letterWrite an encouraging note to the seemingly “unnoticed” person in honor of Christ’s faithfulness to notice and never forget humanity, though we are undeserving.
  2. Do some neighborhood clean up: shovel, pick up trash, etc.
  3. Go for a walk with Jesus.
  4. Write to a Missionary or the child you support with Compassion International.
  5.  Write a love letter to Jesus. Seal it in an envelope and place it on the table during the season. (date the letter and save it for a few years. After a few years, open and read one from 3 years ago every year at Valentines)
  6. Wrap a Bible and give it to someone you have been praying for.
  7. flat,550x550,075,fBuy coffee for somebody, preferably a stranger (I bought coffee for a stressed out college student right before his final.)
  8. Wear a piece of gold-jewelry today as a reminder to thank King Jesus for denying all the riches of heaven to come save us.
  9. Offer to pray for a stranger, out loud with them, then offer a hug: I actually ran into a man who used to be a custodian at the college we do ministry at. I was so blessed to pray for him, in the middle of Walmart. Of all things, a complete stranger later struck up a conversation with me (also in Walmart) and I was able to pray for her too!
  10. Give a prayer foot-rub (or hand massage) to a family member.
  11. Read God’s Word…. its his love-letter to us, enjoy reveling in his love. Try the book of Colossians or some Psalms.
  12. In honor of Christ’s sacrifice, don’t eat any sweets today. When you get the craving for the cookies and candies of the season, be reminded to “taste and see that the Lord is good.” Psalm 34:8
  13. Share your testimony with someone today: I shared mine with a good friend I have known for several years. Even after all these years, this person had never heard how Christ saved me.
  14. Spend time with Jesus and recall the unique ways He loves you.

(Idea Sources: Lifeway Magazine, December 2012 issue; YouVersion Bible App reading plan: Rediscovering the Christmas Season; friends and family; college students; and my wonderful Junior-high and High-school Sunday-school girls.)

14 Days of Loving Jesus for Valentines Day: The Project

valentine 3

My husband and I have never recognized Valentines Day. Even when we dated we decided the holiday was an over-stimulated way to recognize what we celebrate everyday. The high expectations and pressure, and overall “cheesiness” of the holiday also kept us at bay.

This year, though, I think I am going to take all the giant hearts and chocolate obsessed grocery-aisles as reminders to celebrate my love for Jesus.

The Sunday-school class I teach for JH and High-school girls found a unique way to celebrate advent (in December). We made paper chains with 25 ways we can show love to Jesus during His Birthday month. Many of the ideas will work well for a Valentine’s advent as well!


Here is how we created our daily celebration of loving Jesus:

We started with the 5 Love Languages and applied them to ways we can love Jesus. For example

  • Physical Touch can be offering a hug to someone, or holding hands while praying for someone, etc.
  • Giving gifts could be giving a Bible away, or wrapping a present for an “Angel Tree” child.
  • Words of Affirmation: writing a love letter to Jesus and putting it under the tree.
  • Quality Time: spending time reading God’s Word, being still, or worshiping.
  • An Act of Service could look like making your sister’s bed (for the young ladies who still live with their families; my sister did this for me all the time and it always touched me deeply.)

Though it isn’t possible to physically touch Jesus, or actually give Him gifts or service, but Jesus said, “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” (Matthew 25:40). Many of our tasks consisted of things we did for others, but always in the name of loving Jesus.

81802Next, we made paper chains as a reminder of each day’s love-task. We wrote one idea each on strips of paper. Each day, everyone completed their tasks and added a new chain till we had the perfect decoration by the holiday. You can have one chain for the family, or one chain per-person in the family.

You could fill a pretty vase with small notes of these suggestions, and take one out each day. Or fold each suggestion around a piece of chocolate in a chocolate box. You might not eat the entire box of chocolates when you focus on tangibly loving Jesus with each bite.

Or tie each suggestion to a rose. Keep 14 roses in the fridge or a back room; every day you complete the task, bring one rose out into a vase on the dining table; you can see the reminder of your growing relationship with God every day. Have fun and include your roommates or kids. Just remember to keep the focus on loving Jesus during Valentines.

Take some time over the next few days thinking about how God loves you. Get creative and write your ideas on how to “love because He first love us.” Share your ideas with us in a comment below. And don’t forget to get on the beckyrosty.wordpress.com email list, because I’ll be posting ideas soon!

Shane and I will still treat V-day as any ole’ day (which is such a sigh of relief), but I think this exercise in loving Jesus will set my heart aflame for the Lord even more.

Fit my Bikini in Two-thousand-thirteenie… or a goal more God-sized? Day 6 for Encouraging Work out playlist.

Floral Bikini on ClotheslineWelcome to 10 Days to an Encouraging Work-Out Playlist: Day 6

Bible and bikinis: makes a great honeymoon.

This year, I thought about making my New Year’s Resolution to get back to my wedding-weight. Two and 1/2 years ago, I slid into a white dress at 139 lbs. and I looked hot in my bikini for our honeymoon. Needless to say, things have changed.

For you college ladies, you may have been warned about the “freshmen 15″…. for you working women its the “cubical cinquenta” (50)…. for us newly weds, its the “newly-wed weight-woes.” Body change comes in all shapes and sizes after the honeymoon. We cook hearty meals for our husbands, bake cakes to celebrate each month-iversary, and make elaborate cookies he takes to work, making us the MVW: “most valuable wife” for the office. We cleverly think the exciting cardio in the bedroom will offset our heavy eating. Alas, the 1 year anniversary rolled around, and I was shopping for a swim-suit with coverage-frills instead of sexy-thrills. Maybe your first year of marriage didn’t look like this, lucky you. I know there are plenty of us who struggle with the “newly-wed weight-woes”, (some of you may also be mourning the post-pregnancy-pouch).

So I came up with the clever “Fit my Bikini in 2013-y! Mentally chanting it at the gym kept me motivated. Writing it on my goals list made me feel like a champ. After 1 week, it became an addiction.

Not good.

The Bible calls addiction Idolatry: valuing or pursuing something or someone more than God. When my silly little fitness goal became all I read about, wrote about, and pinned about on pinterest, I knew my heart was in the wrong place.

kneelingJesus did not die on the cross so my New Year’s Resolution could be to have a hot-body. 1 John 5:20-21 says

“And we know that the Son of God has come, and has given us understanding so that we may know Him who is true; and we are in Him who is true, in His Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God and eternal life. Little children, guard yourselves from idols.”

My greatest pursuit should be to know Him! Thankfully, a song on my work-out playlist reminds me of this:

Core of My Addiction by Fireflight


You’re the core of my addiction
I want to live, want to lose myself in You
You’re the heart of my obsession
I want to live, but I would die for You
I’m addicted

It reminds me to be obsessed with Jesus; to find my addictive “fix” in His Word, not a lower number on the scale. He is my addiction, so I must transfer my loyalty, my thoughts, my devotion away from a physical goal or desire and back to desiring Him.

bikiniI still want to fit into my bikini* by our anniversary in 2013, but I am pursuing God first! Having a fit body flows out of a desire to worship and honor God in my habits and health. The goal is not to look hot, but to glorify God. In the end, a good wife is not necessarily a woman with a hot-bod, but a woman in love with a great God.

How do you curb your addiction to fitness or being skinny? Help this poor idol-driven girl out and comment below. Scroll down for more songs that help keep my focus on God at the gym.

Your's Truly, Post work-out
Your’s Truly, Post work-out

Catch up on 10 Days to an Encouraging Work-Out Playlist:

Day 1: Undignified by Warr Acres

Day 2: Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

Day 3: Lay Me Down featuring Matt Redman and Chris Tomlin

Day 4: No Chains on Me by Chris Tomlin

Day 5: Free by Mandisa

Day 6: Core of my Addiction

… Day 11: Your Choice! I’ll be featuring the songs YOU appreciate most in your work out. Don’t miss out, tell me your most motivating tune in a comment below!

* I believe that modesty is the best policy in public places, but scantily-clad for your husband-lad is fantastic within the privacy of marriage. The truth is, though, I need to wear a bikini (or a sports bra) underneath my swimsuit or tankini just to keep the “girls” from running off into the deep end without life jackets. I must confess I am always looking for a cute bikini and sometimes wish I could fit into those tiny ones at Target. Want more modesty and practical dressing tips? Click here.


What chains are you wearing? Work out playlist Day 4: No Chains on Me

Welcome to 10 Days to an Encouraging Work-Out Playlist: Day 4

chainsToday, I am featuring a unique spiritual exercise I sometimes do while I work-out.

But first, our song for the day! Chris Tomlin gets another spot here at Failures, Faith, and Freckles with “No Chains on Me.

Another song with a decent jogging beat, No Chains on Me keeps pace with deep spiritual truth. This song was one of the greatest encouragements to me when I ran a 1/2 Marathon. When my body said “quit already, I’m tired,” my spirit found strength knowing that nothing can chain me down from running to Jesus. It motivated me to keep running the race.

During my work-out, lyrics like  “my heart is free, no chains on me,” help me visualize all the things that bind me from being all I can be as a woman of God, like my pride, insecurity, believing in the Devil’s lies. These are my chains, but Christ has broken everyone and given me freedom! (Hint to tomorrow’s song…)

Read the lyrics, then scroll down for a unique exercise to visualize that freedom from bondage.

This is the dream
A dream for the world to see You
A dream for the world to know You
To love Your name

Lift up a shout
Lift up a cry to shake the ground
Shout and the walls are coming down
Yeah, we’re running after You

Like a rolling stone, like a runaway train
No turning back, no more yesterdays
My heart is free, no chains on me

God, You raise me up, up from the grave
With the cross before, I’m on my way
My heart is free, no chains on me

Now is the time
Now is the time for freedom
Abandoned by cold religion
My heart on fire

We hear the sound
The sound of revival coming
The sound of Your people rising
Yeah, we’re running after You

The walls are coming down
Yeah, the walls are coming down
The walls are coming down

Yesterday, I mentioned how I want to lay down my body as a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1-2). For me, working-out is a symbol of that, because it requires commitment, discipline, and forcing my body to submit: all good reminders for following Jesus Christ as well. While doing crunches the other day, I started laying my sins before God. With each squeeze of my stomach muscles, I confessed another characteristic that needed to be removed or re-shaped: “Lord help me get rid of my pride…. my self-centeredness….. gossip….. gluttony…. laziness…. self-sufficiency…. self-loathing…. lack of submission….. anger….

I asked God to discipline my spirit as I was disciplining my abs.

My amazing accountability partner, Jenny (also a very godly and fit woman), said its a good idea to think about other things than counting reps. Well I found that I lost track of how many crunches I was doing. I just felt the burn in my tummy and the burn in my selfish nature. It was saying “noooooo” but I was doing as Paul says:

galatians-516“I strike a blow to my body and make it my slave so that after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified for the prize.” 1 Corinthians 9:27

With each blow, a chain was loosed. I acknowledge the potential for my own nature to enslave me, but instead, I will make my sin-nature my slave, forcing it to submit and serve the purpose of loving Christ. I am more than a conqueror, both over my flabby tummy, and my fleshly nature!

Catch up on 10 Days to an Encouraging Work-Out Playlist:

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Tomorrow……Day 5: Free by Mandisa

… Day 11: Your Choice! I’ll be featuring the songs YOU appreciate most in your work out. Don’t miss out, share your most motivating tune in a comment below!


Lessons in faith from 20-year-old-Becky

South Padre Island 2008
South Padre Island 2008

Today I stumbled upon a journal entry I wrote in my early college years. I was going through a stage of loneliness at the time. Having never dated, much less go out on a date, I remember really wanting a boyfriend. I longed for companionship, especially after watching a romantic flick or, in this instance, seeing couples walk on the beach together.

Despite the loneliness, the truth of God’s love pierced my heart in a way that redefined my whole perspective. Now, exactly 4 years later, I am so glad I wrote it down.

January 5, 2008:

beach 2008“There I was, walking barefoot on the beach, alone, and yet so filled with the presence of my Heavenly Father I couldn’t help but smile.  I had wished for somebody to hold my hand, but God sent a wave to come up and caress my toes instead.  I had felt a longing for somebody to tell me I was beautiful, but I heard the sound of the surf crashing upon the rocks, clapping in unspoken appreciation for the daughter created in her Father’s image.  I yearned for somebody to find me worthy enough to plant a kiss upon, and God revealed the sun who kissed me so passionately I won’t be rid of freckles for months…

…I saw love and devotion between two human-beings several times on that beach, but none compares to the way my God loves me. He loves me.”

The Becky-of-today is blown away by the faith of Becky-from-years-past. Reading the words of hope reassures me again today. I lose heart too often, over big things and little things. Then it was loneliness, now its over-crowded living rooms. My 20-year-old self reminds me to take up courage and faith, because God is a great and trustworthy God, whose love never falters.

To those who are doubting, lonely, overwhelmed, hurt, feeling pathetic, going-crazy, or sighing yet again from a heavy burden…I don’t dare to have an encouraging word for the boat we all find ourselves in, but I take comfort that my 20-year-old-self does.

Shane and Becky 2008P.S. It happened sooner than I thought! God blessed me with a great guy who loves the Lord and has kissed almost every freckle on my face. Here we are shortly after we started dating later that year.

Much needed Musings


During the Christmas season, I got out of the habit of my daily morning time with the Lord.
Actually, I took a break from all good habits. I greatly anticipated the newness of that number “13” tacked on to the back of our millennium… it is motivating, refreshing, encouraging really.

So here I am, enjoying some egg casserole and a cup of African Solstice tea. The sunshine and my teacup coordinated today, reminding me to shine forth in the joy of the Lord.

The last few weeks, I have been determined to finish writing my book. The final two chapters of Delight: a Joyful Journey toward Biblical Womanhood are “Humility” and “Trust.” Humility and trust just happen to be the two details of my humanity that I struggle with most. Just thinking about writing these concepts make me want to shrink down and crawl inside my tea cup, not shine forth. In a word, I am intimidated.

Every chapter I’ve written, I encountered a dramatic meeting with my own depravity. Chapter 1 dealt with being a woman of Decision… so I went through a month-long process of truly defining my decision to follow Christ: when did it start, where are the roots? Would I choose to follow Christ if it didn’t fit with my culture, my family? Was it too easy for me? Does that decision to follow Christ really define the rest of me?

Chapter 2, on Excellence, presented a greater challenge to face my own laziness and people-pleaseing problem. The following chapters on love, integrity, and gentleness all presented further opportunities to grapple with my selfish nature.

Still, nothing compares to the grinding sift that is writing about humility.

Here are my musings on the subject… what God is teaching me today during my Breakfast with Him:

Z110/155: LM of amoeba proteus "walking"My Pride is like a great amoeba blob of selfishness contained by a thick lining of insecurity. I think that in times my pride is “hurt,” a better picture is that my pride is “squished.” Because if I am humbled in one area, I ensure my pride is elevated in another. I do anything I can to keep the general mass of my pride from being depleted. When one lump is pushed down, another puffs up.

For instance, I was running late for a meeting Shane and I had with a friend. I have been working on “being on-time” all year: but this day, alas, I was not.

Recognizing my short-coming in this area, I immediately started spouting off about all the things I did well that day: shoveling the walk, cleaning, etc… I told Shane, “I need to outweigh my incompetence with a few successful moments, so I don’t feel like a complete failure at life.”

Really all I was doing was allowing a cushion for my pride. I may be brought low in this area, but look how great I am in a different one.

Reasoning this way brought me back to face my greatest fear: being a failure. This fear is directly rooted in pride and some form of false self-preservation.  A woman of humility doesn’t care if she fails; true perspective is she will always fail! Only Christ’s work remains, the rest just falls useless and redundant.

My fear of failure dissipates when I return to the cross. The Word of God pierces through the wall of insecurity, draining my self-filled amoeba of all my pride. My Savior, hanging on a cross for me–it takes me to my knees in humility. Undeserving wretched woman that I am, He still loves me!

That is what having Breakfast with Jesus does to me: reminds me of my own personal insignificance and the great significance of Jesus Christ. I remember that I am loved, and that being loved by the Holy God is far greater than being continually successful. My pride no longer matters.

The work is done. I will work on the chapter later, but for now, I am going to sip my tea, munch on a few leftover spritz Christmas cookies, and spend some much-needed time musing on this great God I find myself having breakfast with. Then forward, to shine bright His light, sharing the hope as a woman of humility, in progress.

(Join me in this Joyful Discovery of Biblical Womanhood at delightbiblestudy.wordpress.com, and read more about what God is teaching me about humility.)

Over-plucked eye brows and New Years Eve Faux Pas

20121231-104549.jpgIn anticipation of the New Year, I decided it’s “go time.”

There are only 14 hours left in my time zone before a brand-spanking new year! In true procrastination fashion, this is the point I now feel extremely motivated to get everything done. Its the ultimate “last minute” and I’m not going to waste it.

Unfortunately, every thing I want to accomplish is getting tangled up in the mess that is Becky Rosty.

For example, my eyebrows were a little bushy… Wanting to step into 2013 looking less like a caterpillar, I took a tweezer to them. Of course, I over did it, and now I have these short thin frowns above each eye, hardly a complementary look for a New Year.

Also, I did a blitzkrieg on my house (i.e.: massive attack of cleaning; shouting at soap-scum in German, optional.) Somehow, the toilet isn’t flushing properly now and the tub has a funny gurgling sound coming from the drain. Don’t know how I managed that.

This whole week has been the same way: I burnt the egg casserole, over-mixed the coffee-cake batter, forgot the sugar in the scones, and used dry milk in the fudge instead of evaporated milk (sounds like the same thing right?).

I sat down to finish the last 2 chapters of my book and began to question every chapter I’d written before. My whole mentality was spiraling into chaos.

All-things-newI know God did not intend for me to end this year with perfection or absolute completion. He also didn’t provide another blessed year for me to end it in chaotic self-depreciation. I was blessedly reminded by a fellow blogger that “our hope is not in the new year, but in the One who makes all things new.” –Gracelaced.com

So, I am determined to enter the new year remembering what God has already accomplished, not what I haven’t. His work on the cross says, “It is finished.”

I will walk out of 2012 and into 2013 with peace…. because that is what He leaves me with.


How about you? Do you have any New Years Blunders or unfinished projects? Comment below, and share how God gives you peace in the new season.