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So You Think You Know Zombies?


think you know zombiesZombies are all the rage right now (have been for a while). Scooby Doo is the gateway drug from zombie-lovers. Zombieland made the undead almost funny (poor Bill Murray), and Brad Pitt helped us fall in love with zombies on crack in World War Z. The Walking Dead phenomenon took normal, unassuming quiet people and turned them into full fledged fans of the rotting flesh-bag battle. Resident Evil gave the gamers a taste for the zombie scourging. And of course, for classic zombie-fans, there will always be those old-school blood-and-guts-everywhere films from the 70’s and 80’s.

I’m not a huge fan of zombies. I did read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Quickbooks (soon to be a movie in theaters). Working for a book store at the time, my coworker/bestie and I put together a book display for it that won us $500 for best display in North America.  Confession #2:  I also acted in a short zombie film in college. I played the role of a doting mother to my child-born-zombie.


OTHER THAN THAT, I’ve never had a thing for undead movies or ghoulish dress up. I have never particularly enjoyed the gore and guts of Halloween. (This blog post helped me see the potential in Halloween, making it almost my favorite holiday ever.) However, I think that zombies have a place in the Christian conversation.

So, if you think you know zombies, I dare you to read on… Continue reading So You Think You Know Zombies?

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The No-show Blues: leading a Bible study when only 1 person shows up

adult-bible-study2Ministering to college students includes a unique factor of epic inconsistency in numbers. Particularly for those of us in small-town ministries, most pastors and Bible study leaders have experienced the night when only 1 person shows up. Our experience typically follows a strict schedule of worry, insecurity, then eventual trust in God.

Within the first 1/2 hour ministry is supposed to begin, I will have gone through the following thinking process:

  1. Is this the right evening?
  2. Was there a major car accident blocking the road?
  3. Did everyone collaborate to go bowling and forgot to inform the one person who came to Bible study?
  4. Is my teaching/leading really that bad?
  5. I wonder if I should text all of them.
  6. I worked so hard on this lesson, should I save it for a larger group next week, or share it with just one person?

5824After making it through issues of personal insecurity presumed to be dealt with in my high-school years, I realize I need to cut the mental break-down and the small talk. This one person showed up to meet with God; it is my job to actually engage him/her* in some meaningful conversation.

So I move forward with the lesson. God planned it for this night for a reason, even if only for one person. We go deeper personally into the word, talking together about how it impacts each of us. There is more feedback and intimacy–not what I was expecting for the material. Eventually, we get to the topic of salvation. Turns out, this one person has never heard the gospel explained. Thinking themselves as a Christian by default, (s)he kept coming to Bible study.

I share my testimony, read truth from John and Romans, and wait for a response. The individual says thank you for sharing and promised to think hard about it. While (s)he hasn’t accepted Christ yet, (s)he keeps coming to Bible study (and, for the record, so does the rest of the group).

Regardless, this moment reminded me of my insecurity. With all my planning and organization, I am insufficient; I recall my great need to rely on the Holy Spirit. I rearrange the importance of salvation conversations in my mind. He gives me courage to hope for a 1-person Bible study more often.Young Adults

From now on in my study preparations, I pray to be faithful and reliant on Him for whatever opportunity He brings.

*name and gender withheld for confidential reasons

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