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3 Executive Decisions This Momma Made for the Holidays This Year

In a century where holidays are hijacked by outrageous spending and overpriced tradition expectations…. I just want to love my family. I began to notice where my Christmas to-do list no longer lined up with love. Time to change things up!

For Thanksgiving, that meant I learned to mosey. For this first week of December, it means I am making a few executive decisions about our expectations for the rest of this month. I hope this turning of tables leads to better awareness of Jesus in our midst as I learn to love sacrificially like He does.

Perhaps you need to take back your expectations for the holidays too! I often remind my kids that the parents are the boss of the kids and Jesus is the boss of Mommy and Daddy. Sometimes, we parents need to exercise a little executive power to reorient our homes in line with our King. Here are the ones that made a difference for us this first week of advent:

1. Bless with a Dress. I do a lot of outfit control for my 3 year old twins. Many a favorite tutu gets nixed in favor of practical pants. However, this week I decided to hand over the fashion reigns, for both my daughters outfit and mine. A mother-daughter tea party play-date is the perfect opportunity to let my daughter explore her taste in style, and affirm it by strutting through the day dressed by my preschooler. With no small amount of glee, Evi dug through my closet and unearthed the only “twirly” dress I own, much like the one she was wearing.

Soon we were a pair of twirly girls ready for the day. She loved it, I only felt marginally awkward. But I held my head high nonetheless. Interestingly, when my husband saw my out-of-the-box outfit, he was enamored. Thanks to a brave moment of saying yes to my daughter, the twirly dress will now be featured more often in the outfit shuffle. It isn’t so bad taking turns in the fashion department after all.

2. Trade Trendy for Timeless. On a last minute whim, I bought bright silver tinsel garland. For weeks, I’ve had my eye on a red buffalo plaid ribbon to wrap around our tree, but the kids are little, tinsel is shiny, and who cares. We bought tinsel.

I also bought batman Christmas wrapping paper. And Disney princess wrapping paper. I kissed goodbye my dreams of brown paper packages tied up with string…with a sprig of eucalyptus tucked in the bow, and calligraphy monographs hand painted on top (thank you Pinterest).

Instead, I will put a pin in these dreams and revisit them maybe when the kids turn 17. It’s going to be one well-pined for Scandinavian-style, minimalism Christmas. Of course by then, it will no longer be trendy. I guess love is the trend I should be setting in our home instead. Let the kids be kids, and enjoy it while it lasts, right? After all, those memories are the truly timeless decorations at Christmas.

3. Stymie Unnecessary Stress. Also a last minute executive decision, I postponed the introduction of our “Shepherd’s Treasure.” We received this adorable Elf on the Shelf alternative as a gift last Christmas from my lovely older sister. She has charming documentation of their shepherd’s enchanting antics in years past, making me really excited to jump in.

The book’s instructions say to start the 1st day of December, however I decided not to. For some reason, the last 3 days of November had me panicked in preparation for the calm time of advent. It seemed counter intuitive that I was getting stressed in preparation for rest. The word oxymoron kept coming to mind.

So I made the executive mama decision: a late start date for our Shepherd was not going to deprive our kids. In fact, this delay was a sacrificial love act. When I release myself from forced Christmas creativity for too many days in a row, I can give my family the greater gift of having a peaceful, present mama.

In the days the twins were still babies, a wise soul implored me to seriously rethink traditions while my kids are little. “Simplify them to start,” she said ,”because it is less stressful on everyone to add a new expectation down the road than to fail a tradition later because you were over-ambitious in the early years.”

I deeply appreciate the freedom I have discovered in practicing this stay-present principle. So we might bring our shepherd out 10 days before Christmas, or maybe 7. Whenever it happens, it will be just as whimsical and enchanting.

There you have it, a few ways I said yes to twirly dresses and sparkly trees and batman wrapping paper (and no to being stressed-out mommy) in order to love my kids BIG this holiday season.

These are all decisions that boss me right out of my comfort zone. Not surprisingly, embracing them has brought more freedom and joy for this season.

What executive decisions have you made to stay-present this holiday season?

Happy 6 Month Birthday to the Rosty Twins!

6 Months…

We made it! The Rosty twins are 6 months and thriving. A year ago I didn’t think we would make it this far. In the back of my mind I figured we would be such a mess, that Jesus would take pity and come back before now.

In his gracious providence, God has given us further chances to seek Him in this parenting business, and use our experiences to share His love with others. I feel that being a mom is one of my greatest accomplishments, by Gods grace. Specifically, breastfeeding twins for 6 months has been one of my “least likely to succeed” goals that I am so blessed to have met.IMG_0091

In honor of this milestone, I brought up a post from this time last year (while I was pregnant), and would like to compare it with today (last year’s posts are in green).

Week 13 flew by! We started the spring semester of BCM, enjoyed a weekend in the hot-springs of Thermopolis, and thoroughly relished in the joy of becoming parents! 

We enjoyed Thermopolis again this month, in 2015. The babies LOVED the water!

13 Weeks: January 19-25

6 months6 Months: January 23, 2014

Babies are the size of: Lemons!

Babies are the size of: my entire torso. I cannot believe they fit into my tummy at one point, particularly as the size of lemons!


Mama Weight gain: 0 (I have hovered around 168 for the last 3 months or so.)

Baby Weight gain: Titus is about 18lbs, and Evi is probably close to 15. We will get an official weight in a couple weeks at their next check up.

Sleep: Shocking news: I was able to get great sleep on a trip this weekend while sleeping on an air mattress.

Sleep: Shocking news: The babies now sleep through the night!!! 7pm-7am, with a 10pm dream feed.

Exercise: started a water aerobics class this week and I LOVE it. I’ve also been upping my “squat routine” to prep for labor and delivery.

Exercise: This month, I (yes, the tired mama) started jogging 2 miles twice a week. It is so hard to make this a priority right now, however I am looking forward to this healthy habit rubbing off on my kids as we pursue being a fit and active family together.


IMG_0095Best moment this week:. Singing songs of worship with my husband for hours in our make-shift studio (in the laundry room… the acoustics are awesome in there.) I know these babies are going to grow up proclaiming the truths of Christ through music along side, and it is fun to start the tradition now.

Best moment this week:. Watching our daughter sing and bang on the piano. She seems to be very musically inclined. Titus on the other hand would rather inspect the wood of the piano. I am excited to see how he will be a hands-on worshipper.

Miss Anything? I know it was never a healthy routine, but I miss being able to go, go, go, without HAVING to stop to eat or pee or nap every 1/2 hour. It’s just how I got stuff done. With twins, I suppose I’ll have to learn a whole new way of accomplishing things tiny moments at a time, so it’s good training.

Miss Anything? I still have to pee every 1/2 hour! Staying hydrated to nurse twins is a constant activity. Also, I am learning to do things in tiny moments… today I clean the bathrooms, enjoyed reading a book with Shane, and wrote this blog post, all during nap times! I am thankful I had a realistic perspective and was already preparing for this life last year.

Movement: Not yet.

Movement: Titus is a major mover! He is crawling backwards, doing 3 second planks, and sitting up like a champ (his activity is more proficient than my work out routine). Evi is a girl after my own heart: she likes to lay around and talk to herself. I’m sure she will start crawling eventually, but for now I adore listening to her chats.

Food cravings: Mac and Cheese, all the time! Also, I ate a whole carton of strawberries in one delicious sitting. I think I could eat a whole carton a day if they were as cheap as mac n cheese 😉

Food cravings: The babies are embracing solid foods! They love to gnaw on cucumbers and gum up pieces of banana.

Anything making you queasy or sick:. A bit of french toast almost made me throw up (see “sweets” below). On the plus side, I had some chicken strips and they tasted lovely, so maybe I am on my way to incorporating poultry into my diet again.

Anything making you queasy or sick:. Evangeline’s poopy diapers, for sure.

Gender prediction: The cravings test says: citrus/sweet=girl. Salt=boy. I have been craving pineapple, and strawberries and all kinds of sour things. But I cannot stand chocolate or super sweet desserts! Also, initially all I had was all salt cravings. So I guess that’s another point for one of each (Though Shane still thinks they are both boys).

Gender revelation: We have a man’s man for a son. He is the Ron Swanson of babies (for those of you who watch Parks and Rec). When it comes to food, his dog (yep, Mr. Darcy is now Titus’ dog), being active, and meeting new people, he is all business. He has the most jolly smile though, and is so eager to connect over a wrestle.

titus 6

Evi is all girl: giddy over fluffy stuffed animals, cozy blankets, and smiling men with beards. We pray about the last one daily. She loves worship music, and is pretty fond of mirrors, and we hope she is always as happy with her appearance and beautiful smile as she is in these past few weeks.

evi 6

Lullaby of the week: You Know Me” by Steffany Frizzell (Bethel Music). It speaks of Psalm 139’s truth that God knows each and every bit of who we are. I love that when I can’t see my babies, God can. He has them memorized inside and out. That is incredible intimacy!

I love this memory from last year, and knowing that even now that I can hold my kids in my arms, their lives are still outside of my control. Thankfully, I know God will never let them go!

Truth I’m dwelling on: That Psalms 139 applies to me as well. My God knows me! He knows what today looks like, and what tomorrow looks like. And He is GOOD! I am memorizing verses 5-7:

You go before me and follow me.
You place your hand of blessing on my head.
Such knowledge is too wonderful for me,
too great for me to understand!

I can never escape from your Spirit!
I can never get away from your presence!

Truth I’m dwelling on: That he has proven faithful to “go before us” and bless us, as I read last year. I didn’t know how year was going to turn out, but it has been the greatest blessing and privilege to walk with God through.

Looking forward to: The birthing class on Monday!

Looking forward to: Developing healthy habits over the next 6 months. I feel God challenging me to become strong spiritually, physically, and emotionally to set a positive president for myself and our family in the years to come.IMG_0081

Thanks for keeping up with our adventure!
In Faith,

Embracing the Unadventure of Motherhood

My Beloved Bighorns
My Beloved Bighorns

I have a deep affinity for hiking in the mountains. Something about the wildflower hills, spaced sporadically among thick walls of green trees, and a path with untidy growth happening all around my feet makes my heart sing.

I’ve lived my life as an adventure seeker. International travel, camping, road trips, big projects, building our own home–its just me. I approached motherhood with the same intentions. In fact, my motherhood journey began with applying for international adoption (which is on hold for now, but still growing steadily in our hearts). When we found out I was pregnant with twins, I thought to myself, “all the more to adventure with!” I wasn’t expecting to ease into anything. I’m a jump-in-the-deep-end kind of girl, and this seemed right up my alley.

In the middle of a hot summer week, my beautiful babies were born, and life became chaotic: blessed, beautiful, wild-flowers-in-a-field kind of crazy. But as a family, we weren’t exactly thriving in our newfound adventure. We had heaps of helpers coming in and out of the house each week, which was an immense load off our shoulders. But eventually, I knew I had to do it. I had to create some structure.

unadventureTo me, structure is like nails on a chalkboard. Take away my freedom, my spontaneity, my late nights of writing and long days of sharing the truth of Christ at one coffee date to the next… might as well take away my sense of adventure.

However, to ensure my children grow steadily and healthily, and to provide a smidgen of sanity for my husband and me, I bent over backwards to create an achievable schedule.

Other ladies might agree, that living a highly structured life can feel monotonous and repetitive:

  • Checking off the to do list.
  • Adding more things to the to-do list.
  • Thinking of a change-the-world-size idea, and forgetting to write it down.
  • Making time with Jesus, but getting distracted every time (I think I could be diagnosed with prAy-DHD).
  • Finding babysitters so we can work-out, grocery shop, have a date night, participate in a gospel-sharing opportunity.
  • Feeling guilty that our kids spend way too much time with babysitters.
  • Brainstorming how to streamline the efficiency of our homes.
  • Striving to be more available to our husbands, emotionally and physically, when we often feel drained and over-focused on the to-do list.
  • Wondering why we even get our babies and preschoolers dressed every day?
  • Planning meals.
  • Charting chores.
  • Maintaining the structure.
  • Drinking more water.
  • Finding time to use the bathroom after drinking so much water!
  • Mindlessly checking Facebook, for who-knows why.
  • Denying the desire to snack all day, but really wanting something to munch on.

(Anybody feel me here?!)

For me, nap time comes and I’m on the clock for a shower, laundry, clean up, maybe a little writing. Suddenly the low echoes of a groggy but awake baby approach my ears with subtle urgency. I try to squeeze in a little more time on whatever task I have set before me, at least to clean it up before round two. Within seconds however, I have two howling creatures trying to get my attention. Perhaps they mean to give me a sense of being in the mountains?

Bedtime comes, a choppy night sleep awaits, then it’s back to the same activities in the morning. Day after day, I face the “unadventure” of motherhood.

Lately though, Set Apart Motherhood, by Leslie Ludy, has given me a new perspective. In almost every chapter, Leslie gives practical advice and achievable examples for how to foster a greater sense of orderliness with small children.

This push for order was a turn-off for me, at first. I am not the OCD type that likes to have all my picture frames hanging in a perfect row. I appreciate the aesthetic beauty of things like a field of scattered daisies.

Ixiolirion tataricum
However, in my rant about the appeal of wild-flowers, God beckoned me to take a closer look. Did you know that all flowers have some sense of structure? They are designed so intricately and precisely. Two types of flowers, monocots and dicots, will always bloom with specific sets of petals. Monocots have multiples of 3 petals (like a lily), and dicots have multiples of 4 or 5 (like a rose). (Give your kids a fun science lesson here.)

Even the wild-flower fields of my beloved hiking days have a sense of order, structure, and design! It just takes a different perspective to see it.

Though I sometimes feel like I am living a very repetitive, unadventurous life, there is still wild-flower beauty in it. Like a blooming lily, God has created me with an intricate design that allows my body, mind, and soul to function well. And in His power, my mundane tasks have lasting purpose.

J.D. Greear says it well:


With Gods perspective, I am learning to embrace the “unadventure” and see this structured life as an opportunity to blossom!

  • A chance to smile at my kids at the same time, every day, and watch how their reaction develops over time.
  • A chance to prioritize the important things, like studying my Bible and giving the kids a bath. I can structure the useless uses of my time (like TV and facebook) right off the daily schedule.
  • A chance to cherish my partnership with Shane, in our family and ministry, by fostering better consistency in our time together at meals, in prayer, and on date nights.

I can aim to give glory to God in the highly-structured, or rather highly-designed days that I live. And therein lies a beautiful adventure to be discovered.

Do you appreciate or avoid structure in your life? How do you help your family to thrive?

How We Decided What To Name Our Son

How We Decided What To Name Our Sonhow we decided what to name our son

Choosing a name for a human being is an overwhelming task. The amount of power involved in this decision seems too much for two people to hold. The recipient of said name must bear it for life. The name will define them. Before ever meeting an individual, people tend to make assumptions and definitions of that person based on their name. It is often the first word a child learns to write. It’s how they will label every exam in school, every letter or email, every official document.

Because my husband and I felt such gravity in this naming business, we decided to take it very seriously.

We started talking about what we would name our children when we began the adoption process. I’ve had names in my head since I was little girl, but none of those seem to fit the new child that was growing in our hearts. When I found out I was pregnant, we had already picked out a couple names. However, we both agreed to reserve those names for our adopted child when he or she would enter into our family, even if that would be years down the road now that we were pregnant. So we started dreaming up new names.

We prayed for a long time about the kind of people God had in mind as he was designing our son (and twin sister) in my womb. The word “intercessor” kept coming to mind with our son. An intercessor is “one who stands in the gap.”

This sermon, by Eric Ludy, was highly influential in our understanding of the role of an intercessor.

In our prayers and daily interaction with the world around us, we began to understand the great need of someone who could be a bridge between God and humanity. We understand that all people are, by nature, not perfect. We choose to do things our way, not God’s way. This imperfection, also called sin, leads to a brokenness. This brokenness means we cannot have relationship with God, not now and not after death. There is no heaven for individuals who are unholy… the only thing we deserve is death and separation from God. Only by becoming perfect can we relate to God as our Father and Lord. Since we can’t be perfect, even if we try, we need an intercessor.

Isaiah 59:16 says about Jesus: “He saw that there was no man, and wondered that there was no one to intercede; then his own arm brought him salvation, and his righteousness upheld him.”

Jesus, God’s Son, was the only perfect human being. He became our intercessor when he offered an exchange for us: our sin-nature for his perfect one. For all who receive this gift, their sin nature is put on Jesus on the cross. In his death, the punishment we deserve for our rebellion against God, was served. In it’s place, we receive a new nature: holiness, perfection, and therefore relationship with God!

When humanity could not help itself, Jesus stepped in, sacrificed himself, and bridged the gap. In his great power as God’s son, Jesus raised himself from death (our deserved punishment, not his). He claimed holiness yet again and now stands before God, constantly pleading, or interceding, on our behalf.

This is a monumental truth. Its implications for a broken humanity are beyond liberating. The fact that we have an intercessor should change the way we think, love, act, feel, and speak.

It is so epic in fact, it even affects the names we choose for our children.


May I introduce Titus Zachariah Rosty.


The name Titus means defender, a meaning similar to intercessor. Titus was also a Greek missionary and disciple of the apostle Paul.

We chose the middle name Zachariah to honor a dear friend who passed away last year. This man left behind a genuine Christ-centered legacy. His zeal for God and compassion for others deeply impacted his community and family. The name Zachariah means “remembered by the Lord.”

We see in Scripture that God did remember to send an intercessor. He did not forget his creation, but made a way for all of humanity to choose restoration through Jesus.

“God showed how much he loved us by sending his only Son into the world so that we might have eternal life through him.” 1 John 4:9

Our son’s name is our reminder of that. We pray daily that our son’s heart and mind recognize the gravity of Jesus’ gift of salvation. We hope he will share this truth in his daily life. And because we also want to prioritize this truth in our own lives, we chose an applicable name to constantly remind our own souls.

God has already designed the steps Titus will take as a boy, young fella, and eventually (hopefully) a strong man-of-God. What glimpse the Holy Spirit allowed us of that destiny was that Titus might:

  • Share his faith with friends on the playground…
  • Boldly stand up for truth in his college classes…
  • Forge awareness for the orphaned and abandoned…
  • Champion the cause of the hurting and the lost…
  • Be a defender of the weak (all of us), and a reminder that God did remember to send an intercessor.

“Defend the weak and the fatherless;
uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed.” Psalm 82:3

Whether he is a banker, or a street-sweeper, or a linebacker for the Green Bay Packers, (after all, his name does mean “defender”), we pray his life will be a giant arrow pointing to Christ, our Savior.

Titus 2:11-15 (NIV)

11 For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people. 12 It teaches us to say “No” to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age, 13 while we wait for the blessed hope—the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ, 14 who gave himself for us to redeem us from all wickedness and to purify for himself a people that are his very own, eager to do what is good. 15 These, then, are the things you should teach. Encourage and rebuke with all authority. Do not let anyone despise you.”

Check in soon for a post on how we chose our daughter’s name!

What did you name your kids? I’d love to hear any special meaning or reason behind your decision to name them!

Two Babies at 2 months!

baby 2 monthWe made it! Two months later and we are all still alive! Sleep deprivation aside, Shane and I are LOVING this business of being parents to Titus and Evangeline.

2 month shots done been conquered!
2 month shots done been conquered!

IMG_0004_2Titus Zachariah Rosty has a fettish for lights and ceiling fans. He has mastered the art of cooing, thus capturing the hearts of us all. If he has the option, Titus would rather be hat-less, but he rather likes his Van’s shoes.

Regarding clothes, he grows out of outfits before we get a chance to even try them on! By the charts, he is growing about a pound a week! He has muscled his way to the top of the “hold-your-head-up” games, though his sister still has him beat in the focus round.

titus 2 month

IMG_0005_2Speaking of the sister, Evangeline River Rosty does not like wearing socks or shoes, but she is all the fashion-rage with her flower hats and headbands. Evangeline’s specialty is being relaxed (which is why she never wins the tummy time challenges).

She coos and smiles, but unlike her brother, Evi will make direct eye-contact with you, boring a hole of adorable into your soul. She’s been known to particularly focus in on the young men in our ministry circles.

evi 2 month

Titus has taken it upon himself to personify all of the seven dwarves in one day, every day. It’s his personal mission to keep us guessing about his mood.

Evangeline is very perceptive and enjoys taking in her surroundings. She particularly enjoys listening to daddy playing guitar: she gives a great big sigh of contentment every time she hears it.

Both babies are average conversationalists, though this skill is on the rise.  Although we don’t always know what they’re trying to talk to us about, Shane and I respond anyway. We are rock-stars at baby talk!

Photoshoot shenanigans
Photoshoot shenanigans

At last, the twins have noticed each other! Titus furrows  his brows together when he sees his sister. We think he’s trying to say “what is that!?” We typically respond with, “this is called a sister, she is to be defended at all costs.”

Evi just smiles at Titus with absolute adoration. I can’t wait to hear them talk to each other. For now, they hold hands when side by side.


I am so blessed to have incredible help throughout these past 2 months. I wouldn’t be nearly as confident in this mothering business without the help and encouragement of these three ladies: my mom Theresa, Shane’s mom Sandy, and our dear friend Missy.

Processed with Moldiv

On the days we are on our own, Shane carries the standard for our family as our fearless leader and faithful shepherd. He is an incredible example of Christ to us, and I am beyond privilege to be his wife and mother of his kids (we call ’em “loin-fruit,” but that’s a different story). Shane is also thriving in his new role as Associate Pastor of Youth Ministries at our new church here in Sheridan.

IMG_0011_2It’s almost 10pm, and the babies have been sleeping peacefully for almost 2 hours. If I don’t join them in dream-land, I’ll miss my window. Sweet dreams friends, and thanks for all you do!IMG_0006_2

In His Grace,



PS: If you’d like to help us celebrate 2 months with the twins, here are some subtle suggestions:

  • Diapers, size 2 and up!
  • Lactation cookies (or anything to help me keep my milk supply up)
  • Crock-pot meals
  • Boy/girl clothing size 3-6 month (hand-me downs are great!)
  • Baby carriers (we are eyeballing the Ergo or Beco, since Titus hates the Moby)
  • PRAYERS! For strong babies with non-flat heads, sleep-ful nights, and parents who rely on the strength and wisdom of the Holy Spirit to parent well.


Baby Blues and Breastfeeding (a lesson on trusting God)

baby bluesMy daughter is one week old today (so is her brother, turns out). Our family grew from 2 to 4 in a couple heartbeats, and it’s been crazy ever since. This month has been perhaps the most sanctifying season of my life.

The babies and I have entered a crash-course on learning to breastfeed. Evi in particular is not a fan of “school.” When I bring her to my chest, she becomes inconsolable, gasping for air, punching at me, shaking her head. Finding the right spot to suck is a great stresser in this little one’s life.

Sometimes, her fit stresses me out too. But one thing I’ve found absolutely adorable about it is her “crazy legs.” She kicks and stretches in perfect rhythm during her melt down. Shane and I have dubbed her “Crazy Legs Magee” when this happens (during diaper changes too).

I think of Crazy Legs Magee every time the “baby blues” hit me out of no where. I start to question whether or not I can do this. My mind races with identity-management mode: I am a mother now. In many ways, this enhances all other roles, including wife, mentor, and daughter of the King of kings. In other ways, the demands of my new role has trumped the activities that define the others.

  • I am still a wife, but I am sleep deprived and feel too mentally consumed to provide good conversation or companionship for Shane.
  • I am still a mentor and ministry director, but I need to keep my babies healthy during these precious first weeks of life, which limits my involvement with student activities and long-anticipated summer trips.
  • I am still a friend, but I have about 17 un-answered texts, Facebook messages, and “can I drop by” requests.
  • I am still an extrovert, but strangers are so low on my priority list right now, I am so not a nice person when they try to engage me with “are they identical” for the umpteenth time.

The most prominent identity shift has come with my husband starting a new ministry position within a month of our babies’ birth. Ministry has always been a hard-and-fast team effort between the two of us. But this season requires us both to fly a little bit solo—me in the mama role, and he furthering his ministry occupation.

In my head, I know the loneliness I feel to be a greater part of Shane’s new journey is unfounded. This is a beautiful, messy, exhausting season, but it is still just a season. Still, my heart needs convincing.

The emotions flow. I whimper a little; the tears threaten my eyes and I find myself sucking in air like a fussy baby. Crazy Legs Magee and I are not so different.

When I feed Evi, she acts like she will never get that honey-sweet milk she craves and needs. Of course, I know I have enough to provide for her… more than enough. Breastfeeding twins and pumping every 3 hours has given me an abundant supply to meet both my babies needs and more! (To the glory of God and my great relief).

(P.S. Perhaps the most pathetic thing EVER to a new mom is a 5 oz bag of breastmilk slipping through your fingers and soaking the kitchen floor. So much hard work just waisted. Ok, rant over.)

Philippians 4:19 says “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.”

My Heavenly Father looks at me with the same perspective that I have with Evi:

“My darling, I have more than enough to meet your needs. My riches are beyond abundant. I promise you will be satisfied through what I am going to give you. Relax against Me. Lean into Me. Find the source of joy, contentment, and honey-sweet assurance that you are longing for… but first you must trust.”

God knows me better than I know myself. He knows what will bring me the most satisfaction and joy: Him! Not being more involved in youth-activities, not having an easy time breastfeeding, not giving birth in the way I pictured it. All these things are good, but ultimately, the riches God plans to meet my needs with are not these things.

The song “Satisfied in You,” by The Sing Team, sums it up well for me:

Let my sighs give way to songs that sing about your faithfulness
Let my pain reveal your glory as my only real rest
Let my losses show me all I truly have is you

As a deer pants for water, so my soul thirsts for you
And when I survey Your splendor, You so faithfully renew
Like a bed of rest for my fainting flesh

Baby blues and breastfeeding… Crazy Legs Magee and I will make it through. Because God has promised to provide.

In what ways have you been “Crazy-Legs Magee” with God? How did he provide in the end? Feel free to share so we can celebrate His faithfulness together!

Twins in Progress: Introducing….

The babies have arrived!


Please help Shane and I welcome our beautiful boy, Titus Zachariah Rosty:



Born on July 23, 1:16am, 6.5 lbs, 19.5 inches long

And our precious little lady, Evangeline River Rosty:


Born on July 23, 1:18am, 6.7 lbs, 18.5 inches long

Daddy and Mama are doing great! (Birth story of our peace-filled adventure to follow!)

Feel free to celebrate with us:

Pray for easy transition into being a family of 4,

find us on mealtrain.com (Shane and Becky Rosty),

or drop by with a box of diapers anytime 🙂

Twins-in-Progress: Week 38

I take back everything I said about making it to 37 weeks. I just finished 38 weeks of pregnancy, and today I begin week 39. If I didn’t know any better, I’d be looking for the candid camera. We expected to be induced this past week, but my womb was not “favorable.” Honestly, I was at the breaking point of my convictions of birth, ready to just get it over with. God’s grace provided a doctor who raised my flag for me when I no longer could.  I am so blessed Dr. Damron understands the human body, the medical advances available, and my ultimate wishes to have a vaginal birth… and that he is willing to contend for the best scenario possible for us!

38 weeksThis update comes to you in a slightly different format, but I think you’ll get the idea of how things are going:

38 Weeks: July 13-19


I spent the first half of the week trying every home-induction idea available. By Monday, I was in complete breakdown mode:

  • I still hadn’t felt a single contraction,
  • we were heading to Billings the next day for an exam
  • I expected to return later in the week with babies in tow.
  • Emotions of my inadequacy to become a parent overwhelmed me

The Lord worked marvelously through friends and family to speak truth to my trembling heart. Will I ever reach the end of His grace for me?


  • Encouraging chat with a friend over bagels
  • I got home excited and a bit nervous for our appointment, thinking Shane would be pulling his hair out too… Alas, he was playing bluegrass tunes with our neighbor, completely relaxed. I am so grateful for a grounded husband.
  • a peaceful drive and encouraging conversation with the love of my life.
  • Worst moment of the week: the cervix check from hades (I will never again laugh at a man getting kicked in the nuts)
  • Surprise! My cervix is indeed stoic. (I have been comparing it to Helm’s deep of LOTR)
  • A bit of frustrated processing our options and eventual decision to follow our blessed Doctor’s advice and head home and wait it out
  • Another delicious trip to A&W (we are calling these trips to Billings our little Root-Beer-Float runs).
  • Sleeping soundly for the first time in several days


  • I dreamt about our beautiful babies all night
  • Funniest moment of the week: During one dream, I was talking to our little girl, and she was cooing back at me in the sweetest little voice imaginable. I woke up to the sound of my stuffy nose “cooing” the same sound. Thank you congested sinuses for the sweet dream stimulation.
  • I spent the day relaxed and at peace, visiting friends and shopping with my mom.
  • I had a couple “cramp-like” feelings, but nothing rhythmic
  • Ended the night with swollen feet but a happy heart


  • The air-conditioning was set to 67 and I was still sweating all night.
  • I was pretty restless and somewhat nauseous throughout the night as well.
  • I woke up with a new resident in my pelvis… it appears a bowling ball has replaced my baby down there.
  • Took an intense hike/walk during a hazy sunset. So happy that my future isn’t hazy to God.
  • Watched “the Hobbit” with that good-lookin’ man of mine.
  • No matter how hard I concentrate, I just can’t seem to “catch” any more labor symptoms.


  • Perused pictures of twins on pinterest: Can we get on with this already?! I can’t wait to meet my babies!
  • Efficiently mastered the art of nap, eat, walk, nap, eat, walk. Trying to stay rested just in case.

Lullaby of the week: Here’s My Heart. Crowder beckons us to come to Christ, offer Him our heart and listen to the truth He will speak to us:

I am found, I am Yours
I am loved, I’m made pure
I have life, I can breathe
I am healed, I am free

‘Cause You are strong, You are sure
You are life, You endure
You are good, always true
You are light breaking through

You are more than enough
You are here, You are love
You are hope, You are grace
You’re all I have, You’re everything

Truth I’m dwelling on: Romans 8 explains how all of creation experience the birth-pains of waiting for God’s people to be redeemed:

19 For the creation eagerly waits with anticipation for God’s sons to be revealed. 20 For the creation was subjected to futility—not willingly, but because of Him who subjected it—in the hope 21 that the creation itself will also be set free from the bondage of corruption into the glorious freedom of God’s children. 22 For we know that the whole creation has been groaning together with labor pains until now. 23 And not only that, but we ourselves who have the Spirit as the firstfruits—we also groan within ourselves, eagerly waiting for adoption, the redemption of our bodies. 24 Now in this hope we were saved, yet hope that is seen is not hope, because who hopes for what he sees? 25 But if we hope for what we do not see, we eagerly wait for it with patience.

I read this passage every day, remembering this patience for birth is just a minuscule example of the patience our world experiences for the perfection Christ will bring us to in the end. I want to yearn for Him in my life so much more than I do for this birth.

Looking forward to: Worshipping God through the glorious event of giving birth to our twins, whenever and however it happens.

Questions for the Mamas: 

What was your must-have song for your Delivery-day playlist?

Prayer Requests: 

  • Both Babies will be head-down when I go into labor.
  • I go into labor spontaneously before our appointment on Monday, so we can avoid Pitocin
  • That we will glorify our Savior and Sustainer, Jesus Christ, no matter what happens
  • For a spirit of humility to be cultivated in our two children starting now (they have received so much attention over the last couple weeks, you’d think the world revolved around them… and they are playing it up!)

I’m not making any more promises for when these babies will show up, but I trust God will deliver them in His perfect timing.

Twins-in-Progress: Week 37

I honestly didn’t think I would “get” to write a post about how my 37th week of pregnancy went. Everyone said, “twins? oh you’ll go early….” —doctors, friends, other twin moms, family. In traditional Becky-fashion, I’m here to prove you wrong and blaze my own trail (though this time, I really would have liked to live up to the expectation).

Doctors want me to schedule an induction soon (so the babies will be small enough for a vaginal birth). Shane and I are still praying about it, at the risk of the C-section I’ve worked so hard this whole pregnancy to avoid. Time will tell what God has planned for the birth of these kids. One thing is for sure, God has proven faithful thus far, and will continue to do so. My body is more powerful than I ever thought, and carrying two souls this long has broadened my perspective on God’s grace to sustain me.

Here’s to the week I never thought I’d have (of course there is still more time to have babies this weekend):

twins in progress week 3737 Weeks: July 6-12

Babies size: Watermelons (2 of them!)

What’s new with babies? Babies have definitely “dropped.”

What’s new with Mama? I keep feeling those stretchy pains of my skin and belly making more room for bigger babies.

Sleep: I’ve been getting 13+ hours per every 24 hour day this week! It could be all the extra walking/ball bouncing, but I have been logging in the hours of deep rest, and I’m not taking them for granted.

Best moment this week: a conversation with a friend that didn’t completely revolve around the babies/birth/pregnancy.

Babies’ Movement: Still kicking’ and rolling, especially when Shane plays and sings sweet songs to us.

Genders:  a Boy and a Girl.

Labor Signs/prep: I dream every night about having a contraction. Still nothing in reality. I do get a sharp pain at the top of my uterus every few hours. Several weeks ago, I thought it was my bra digging into my belly. After the babies dropped, I realized the pain was lower, but still a consistent, burning/digging-in feeling. Not sure if thats a weird form of braxton-hicks or what.

Natural Induction Attempts: Knowing my doctors would like to induce me soon, I thought I’d try a few “home remedies” to get labor started. Here’s what I think, (beware of TMI!):

  • Dancing
    • Effectiveness: babies definitely dropped after 20 minutes one day.
    • Thoughts: fun activity
  • Spicy Food
    • Effectiveness: nada for labor… but my sinuses clear up a bit!
    • Thoughts: I could do without the gas pains (dirty little trick to make me think I have labor pains)
  • Walking
    • Effectiveness: I thought I felt a contraction while racing through Walmart during Rodeo week (what was I thinking going in there this week?)
    • Thoughts: I passionately enjoy the runners high: pushing my body to the almost-breaking-point while running. Of course, I have avoided that through the whole pregnancy, to stave off pre-term labor. Now that we are past that point, I am enjoying the “9-months-pregnant-walker’s high” every day.
  • Pineapple
    • Effectiveness: zilch
    • Thoughts: tasty!
  • Evening Primrose Oil (orally)
    • Effectiveness: can’t tell yet, but hopefully it softens and dilates.
    • Thoughts: Smells so gross!!!
  • Birth-ball
    • Effectiveness: sore quads, perhaps more open hips?
    • Thoughts: I have no shame. I bounce like a circus monkey in our living room while watching youtube videos and admiring our gorgeous view. I’m sure our neighbors find my ball-work quite entertaining.
  • Labor Cake
    • Effectiveness: No contractions
    • Thoughts: DELICIOUS! (its a mighty chocolate overload)
  • Leaving the house a wreck
    • Effectiveness: I figured a sink full of dirty dishes would DEFINITELY do the trick. Alas, I woke up with no labor signs and a kitchen to clean.
    • Thoughts: I’ll try to keep things in order for our lovely puppy-sitter when we do head off suddenly. Maybe the cleaning will initiate a “nesting” mentality and get things going.
  • Stimulating the “lovely lady lumps”
    • Effectiveness: nothing
    • Thoughts: uncomfortable, though I haven’t tried the breast pump yet
  • Gettin’ frisky
    • Effectiveness: what are we measuring here? I feel like my big belly is a walking advertisement of our effective sex life. Unfortunately, the same tactics to get the babies in there hasn’t worked to get them out (yet).
    •  Thoughts: Ladies don’t kiss and tell 😉

Symptoms: Pain in my hips (there’s a baby getting ready down there), and more swelling in my feet.

Mood: I started this week out with a major hormonal shift. Sunday morning I woke up feeling like a 13 year old girl experiencing PMS for the first time. I was irritated and grumpy at everything. By the time we arrived at church, I was ready to weep. Thankfully, everyone at church is quite understanding of a woman who weeps during worship and communion. By mid-week, I was so burnt-out on emotional upheaval, I was beginning to feel a bit callused and inattentive.

Through it all, I strive desperately to come to Jesus every hour, searching the scriptures to shape my attitude in truth, not just what I’m feeling at the time. It can be a lot of work to fight your emotions and stay on track with truth, and I will say I am exhausted spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally from it (maybe that’s why God has granted me so much sleep this week! Hallelujah!).

Lullaby of the week: Every night this week, while we are getting ready for bed, Shane starts singing “This is the night…. its a beautiful night…” to my belly. The babies haven’t been cooperating with Shane’s tactics, but it definitely lands Bella Notte, from Lady and the Tramp, as the Lullaby of the Week.

Truth I’m dwelling on: Striving to be more desperate for Jesus than I am desperate to have these babies.

“…that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection…” Phil 3:10

Looking forward to: Experiencing all that God has planned for us these next few weeks.

Questions for the Mamas: 

Did you try natural induction techniques? What worked? What would you steer clear from?

Comment below to answer. And stay tuned, hopefully we will be posting the grand introduction of our beautiful son and daughter soon!

Twins-in-Progress: Week 35-36

Been another whirlwind couple of weeks! I’d like to thank everyone who offered prayers and perspective regarding our birth decisions. I have deeply appreciated our relationship with Dr. Rice in Buffalo. With Lil-lefty consistently breech, we had to decide whether to have a C-section in Buffalo or find a new direction. Dr. Rice understood my wishes, and was gracious enough to refer us to a perinatologist in Billings who is confident about vaginal birth with twins. Our plan is to have a vaginal birth in Billings, with a breech extraction for baby B. As long as we go into labor spontaneously in the next week we won’t have to do an induction!

Even as we were meeting with Dr. Damron in Billings, I still wasn’t sure. All week long, I had been praying for discernment. The Holy Spirit never gave me a “this is the plan” moment, but He did lead my husband. As soon as we left Billings Clinic, Shane exclaimed, “we are going to have our babies here!” He was so confident about the doctors and facilities. My hormonal and wavering mentality desperately needed that kind of rock-solid assurance. I am so grateful that God works to meet my needs through the direction of Shane. What a blessed partnership.

On that note, we celebrated our 4th Anniversary of covenantal marriage, and couldn’t be happier! I’m sure you want to know the stats of the weeks, so without further ado….

35 36 week

35-36 Weeks 35-36: June 22-July 5

How far along? 9 months

Babies size: Honeydews.

What’s new with babies? Not much. Just chillin’ at around 5 1/2 to 6 pounds each

What’s new with Mama? I’m snoring now, which is new. My belly measures “42 weeks” but still doesn’t seem humongous. I’m beating the heat with lots of pool-time and relaxing in the air conditioning of our new home.

Weight Gain: none.

Sleep: I am getting used to the “roll over every 20 minutes to keep my hands from tingling” kind of interrupted sleep… not sure Shane is used to it yet.

Exercise: Been pushing myself a lot more these past weeks. Long walks with Mr. Darcy (when it’s cool enough), yoga and squats. Even if I don’t get these babies out sooner than later, at least I’ll have toned thighs!

Best moment this week: We celebrated our Anniversary, (June 25, 2010) while in Billings for the perinatologist check up. The OB appointment was LOOOONG and mentally exhausting. For whatever reason, I was craving a root-beer float, to which Shane whole-heartedly agreed. We found an A&W at a gas station on the edge of town, doubting it would have the old-fashioned “chilled mugs” we were hoping for. Alas, A&W came through and we were quite elated!IMG_5593

banjo loveAfterward, we visited the all-time-best music store ever, Guitars & Amps, like we do every trip to Billings. Shane played with the banjos and I purchased a replacement uke for the one lost during pregnancy-brain season. I love how the babies settle down to the sweet strums of this tropical instrument.

Finally, Shane took me to Ciao Mambo. This restaurant is life-changing (I’ve blogged about it before here). We ordered Italian nachos from heaven and went to town (ahem, the pregnant lady went to town, Shane was still full from the floats). A complimentary square of tiramisu to celebrate 4 years of married bliss, and we were off to our own bed and comfy new home. It wasn’t a grand honeymoon or anything, but I can’t express how blessed I am for little moments like those with my good-looking’ man.

What do you miss/NOT miss? I miss jogging and hiking and bike riding. I do not miss how frustrated I get at the beginning of every summer when I’m not as in shape to enjoy these activities.

Babies’ Movement: Turns out, the Right ninja has his little bum (not feet) in my right side ribs. He is one tall boy already. Lil’ lefty is still breech; I like to think that she simply likes to cuddle near my heart. I am so eager for those cuddles with her on my chest.

Food cravings: Found the holy grail of pregnancy food: raspberry-filled oatmeal cookies. After I posted their praise on Facebook, a very kind friend made me home-made raspberry oatmeal bars! I’ve also craved green beans, yogurt, and peaches these past few weeks.

Genders:  a Boy and a Girl.

Labor Signs/prep: No labor signs yet. I am now further identified as an anomaly because I have passed the most common week for twin birth (week 36). After our visit with Dr. Damron gave me something to prep for, and I finally wrote my birth plan.IMG_5601

My mom and I tackled a unique sewing project: a birth-skirt! I like the idea of feeling less like a patient, more like a champion-of-birth during labor and delivery. Birth skirts can be a little pricey online, so we made our own out of 3x men’s swim-trunks.IMG_5597

With a sports bra or bikini top, I feel a bit more like I’m gearing up for the sporting-event of my life (which is definitely how I’ve been “training” for birth this last month too).IMG_5602

Symptoms: Essential oils have helped my rashes, acne, and congestion. I am still not “super uncomfortable”, despite the sympathy comments I get from perfect strangers. I feel energetic and at peace with the current pregnancy circumstances and birth plan.

Mood: Blessed and at peace, but really ready to meet these babies!!!

Lullaby of the week: Giving up by Ingrid Michaelson (a favorite love song throughout Shane and my relationship.)

Truth I’m dwelling on: God always provides. I was so anxious about what direction to go regarding the birth of these twins. I have been working hard to have a medication-free birth, but that is not an option available to us. In the end, I was faced with a c-section in Buffalo, or a breech extraction birth, for which an epidural is required. From day 1 of pregnancy, I was determined to have as natural a birth as possible. I was confused that God wasn’t making this desire and conviction possible.

I come back to Psalm 46: “there is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the holy habitation of the Lord Most High. God is the midst of her, she shall not fail…”

When my focus is on praising Jesus, failure is not an option. No matter what type of birth God brings me through, I will be praising Him the whole time. My existence, whether in pregnancy, giving birth, raising babies, writing, or scone-baking, is to make my Lord glad.

Looking forward to: Shane compares our extensive preparation, book reading, and packing to riding a bike: “you can read about how to ride a bike as much as you want, but won’t know what its like until you get on the bike. You have to learn as you go.” I am looking forward to “getting on the bike,” and seeing what God is going to do.

35 36 weekQuestions for the Mamas: As we finish up our last minute registry purchases/baby needs, we are trying to whittle down the list. So mamas,

How crucial are the following:

  • baby monitor (for a 1 level house)
  • high chairs
  • car seat covers?

Answer by commenting below!