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My Life, In Edit

My life is in edit. Allow me to explain.

1. The Book:

After  years of writing and investing in a young women’s Bible study curriculum, I am finally in the editing stage. It is emotional, annoying, and to be honest, sometimes feels entirely pointless.

I put a string of words together once. I thought they sounded decent once.

I read them now, and promptly plant my face in my palm. I am tempted to leave it be, to send it to a publisher, as-is. But I know it is not ready. This book is not what it needs to be, yet. (“Yet” is such a painful word.)

Here’s a little poem describing my editing process these past few nights:

Open doc, stare at clock…

Rub face, erase…

Highlight, rewrite…

Type fast, change past…

Failing sight, goodnight…

The end.

Hope you liked it … it’s exhausting.

2. The Home

After moving into our new home, we decided to make a few improvements. Our periwinkle wall called for a paint job. Before we rolled on the first coat of “Summer Heat,” we found that the blue-ish paint was peeling.

What’s under the blue paint? Ooh, pretty red.

“I like it, let’s just peel it and leave it,” I said.

peeling the paint

“Let’s see what’s under the paneling,” Shane said.

RIP paneling

And so, a little peeling of paint  turned into a demolition of a wall. Our “living” room is now a “renovation” room….

…..a pink renovation room (more on this in later posts).

Pink walls!

3. The Life

Lately, my day to day “living” also feels more like day to day “renovating.” (I think we Christians call this “sanctification.”)

Every time I open my Bible, I can sense God’s cursor highlighting some of my life-statements. Clearly there is a grammatical error in my heart. And my attitude has some sentence-structure that needs some repair. There is no sense of “flow,” from my words to my actions. My purpose is choppy, and each paragraph in my day includes too many “themes.”

So I stop opening God’s Word (yep, I avoid it too). I stop exposing myself to this “editing process.” I don’t like it. It involves too many “yets.” It creates too many “face-palms.”

I’d rather do a quick paint job to cover it up. Please God, don’t lay me bare to the dry-wall of my soul! It’s messy down there. It needs a lot more work than just a simple peeling. There are cracks and flaws. It’s going to take too long. It will be exhausting. I just want to move on!

Thank goodness He doesn’t leave me this way!

1 Thessalonians 5 v 23-24

So, I am in edit. I will be in edit for a long time.

I hope to get this book polished very soon. And, for the record, I think our living room has great potential now that the paneling is gone. And Shane promises to be the home-improvement rock-star. I look forward to the day we relax in the rusty hues of “Summer Heat” in our living room.

But the renovation, the sanctification, and the editing process of my life will not be done. I am work-in progress… I just thank Jesus for his faithfulness to shape me with grace.

How has He been shaping you? What is your favorite verse for this Life-in-Edit business?

Bible Study Tips: for the Unmotivated

A photo by Benjamin Combs. unsplash.com/photos/5L4XAgMSno0

I believe our Lord longs for us to be “constantly nourished on the words of the faith and of the sound doctrine.” (1 Timothy 4:6)

Unfortunately, the main reason we are unmotivated to read our Bibles is that we are lazy.

Sometimes, studying the Bible is like exercising. It is exceptionally good for our health, but it is difficult sometimes. Still, 1 Timothy 4 has more to say about our study of Scripture:

“for bodily discipline is only of little profit, but godliness is profitable for all things, since it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come. It is a trustworthy statement deserving full acceptance. For it is for this we labor and strive, because we have fixed our hope on the living God, who is the Savior of all men, especially of believers.” 1 Tim 4:8-10

Here are 5 ways to apply advice about going to the gym to studying God’s Word:

1. Take a lesson from Nike: Just do it.

2. Be Accountable: “Hire a trainer.” Recruit someone to ask you the hard questions: did you spend time in God’s Word this week? Knowing that question is coming can be a helpful reminder to make time. Your accountability partner also might be able to help you through the difficult parts of scripture (like learning the weight machines at the gym).

3. Get together: Grab a friend to “exercise” your scripture reading with you. Join a “Scripture work-out class” (Sunday school or Bible study).

4. Habits never die: An active life starts by forming healthy habits; then it turns into second nature. Studying your Bible is the same way. It only takes 30 days to form a habit, they say. Stick with it!

5. Study to teach: My friend is naturally thin, so she rarely works out. Interestingly, she applied for a job as a work-out instructor at the gym where she works. She had to attend lots of classes to learn the moves to teach when she became and instructor.

I have a tendency to avoid reading scripture because I’m feeling “naturally healthy” in my spiritual walk. It is a sneaky form of laziness, but after all, it takes work to study and receive the teaching of the Holy Spirit from the Scriptures.

One way that almost forces me to engage in scripture is when I am in a leadership position. I know that teaching Sunday school requires some prep, so I study God’s Word throughout the week. I study, not just to learn for myself, but to help teach others.

If you are a parent, big brother or big sister, friend, mentor, or peer… you have someone to teach!  Study for them (Titus 2).

Still not “getting there?” If you still feel unmotivated, perhaps you are struggling with a different issue. It might be more likely that you have a distraction issue, an unprepared heart, or shuffled list of priorities.

But if you truly have a motivation problem, you will probably just go back to Facebook scrolling. Sorry to be harsh (I’m preaching to the choir here), but even pinning this helpful tip to Pinterest won’t help you actually get in the Word. We need to get off our lazy butts, repent, and get back into the Word of God.*

If lack of motivation isn’t the issue, I hope this link will help you move forward in discovering the Bible for yourself.

*Please remember, no matter how much you study the Bible, you will never grow more “lovable” or “righteous” in God’s eyes. If you are a Christian, you have received the righteousness of Christ. In short, you get Jesus’ resume. He already measured up to a thorough study of the Scriptures (He wrote them). Your studying will increase your understanding of God, and grow in your love for Him, but you must remember that HIS love for you is already fixed in Christ. Studying His Word is the best way to remember that, and a good way to share it with others.